Thursday, 29 October 2015

Another Look At Our Archives

One of the earliest schools in Furness Vale. The farm was part of Mr Saxby's estate which also included the Printworks. Mr Saxby allowed a building to be used as a church and school. 

R. E. Knowles Furness Vale Brickworks. One of the famous "beehive" kilns can be seen between the white office building and the double chimneys.

Furness Vale Post Office before it was extended 

An accident on the A6

The road beneath the railway at Bridgemont regularly floods.

The Australian Bungalows, "Diglee Road"

An illustration of the proposed St John's Church.  The tower was never completed.

Even in 1960, the A6 was a busy road.

The Posting House at Stoneheads. Here was an adjacent coaching inn which closed in 1805 when the new turnpike road opened through Furness Vale.

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