Friday, 20 May 2016

Furness Vale from the Air

Thanks to Jim Oliver for the loan of this aerial view of the village. The date is believed to be in the mid 1970s. The brickyard is still busy judging by the stacks of finished products. The framework can be seen, partly erected for one of the new "Industrial Estate" buildings. The last remaining "beehive" kiln is still to be seen. The Charlesworth Crescent estate looks very new having been completed around this time. Riddick's office and builders yard is still in Charlesworth Crescent so the picture is perhaps just before they took over the former Co-op in about 1974.
There are open fields on Station Road where houses have since been built.
The photograph appears to be one of a series of aerial views taken by Whaley Bridge photographer Frank Armstrong although it is one which we have not seen before