Furness Vale Station


 Jack Hardman has kindly sent a photograph of a steam special headed by locomotive 5690 Leander.  The train was approaching Furness Vale on 29th April 2006


Furness Vale Station

A view of Furness Vale Station. Zoom in to the picture for some interesting detail. Furness Row in the background. Note the advertisements for Hudson's Soap and Sutton's Seeds. Photo courtesy of Mabel Townend.

Recreating The Past

Our local railway station once had waiting rooms on both platforms, warmed in winter by blazing coal fires.  Irene Andrews was in attendance to sell you a ticket to Manchester or Buxton and to tell you the time of the train. There were even toilets and a ladies' waiting room.
Google Sketchup is a computer program which allows for the creation of a 3D digital model; it is widely used by the architectural profession. I have used this software to re-create Furness Station as it might have appeared in 1960.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Official Drawings

The following drawings are from the collection of a local railway enthusiast. These represent the schedules for positioning display and poster boards on the station. The drawings are undated.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

R. E. Knowles Siding

Furness Clough Colliery, the Brickworks and the canal wharf were all linked by a narrow gauge tramway.  There is no record of the date of construction although it was certainly in existence in 1810.  

The History Society has acquired a plan  by the London North Western Railway of a the railway siding constructed to provide a link with the tramway.  The map is dated 1918 and was perhaps the time of construction of the siding.  Trucks were hauled between the brickworks and siding by a cable system and carried firebricks and firebacks for onward transport by goods train. 

There had been an earlier siding at Furness Vale operated on behalf of Levi and Elijah Hall, earlier owners of Furness Colliery. This was sited slightly further north and had a spur which  ran back as far as Station Road.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Buxton Belle

Derek Marshall has painted the steam special "The Buxton Belle" which passed through Furness Vale earlier this year.  Derek and his wife Elaine have a studio at Bridgemont and details of this and other local scenes can be found on their website : http://www.bridgemontstudio.co.uk/

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tickets Please

Today, the return train fare to Leeds is £24.20.  In 1945 it was just 11shillings (55p)