The Village in Colour

The following photographs, originally black and white images from our archives have been coloured using Adobe Photoshop software.  The process is fairly simple and straightforward. Some research is required however to try to replicate authentic colours.

The level crossing at Furness Vale Station in the 1978

The 1977 Rose Queen Parade. Traffic would be too heavy for this to take place today.

Locomotive 42365 arrives with a train from Manchester  in Summer 1959. Most trains were operated by diesel railcars by this time.

An excursion bus pauses at the top of Station Road in 1906. It is parked on the wrong side of the road, perhaps to suit the photographer.

A nearly deserted Buxton Road in 1959
The Co-op at the corner of Yeardsley Lane. The dog appears to be amember of the staff.

Another view of Buxton Road showing some of the village shops. The newsagent at that time was Smalleys
No traffic moving on Buxton Road but several delivery vehicles are parked up including the butchers in the foreground.
A diesel train arrives from Manchester in May 1959. The station has its full compliment of buildings and the station garden has been cared for.
A 1960 photograph. Only the seat remains.
A train heads for Manchester in June 1960. The gate originally gave access to the sidings that served the brickyard and colliery.
The garage on Buxton Road had been in business since the 1920s. At the time of this photograph it was owned by the Start Motor Company.
Haymaking. The location is unknown. The cart bears the name of Mr Saxby, one time owner of Furness Vale Printworks.
The Paragon Garage at Newtown. Owned by Joel Bold and later by his son Edwin
Furness Vale Printworks. Mrs Swindells strolls down the lane from the canal.
Sergeant Harry Miller outside his Buxton Road home in 1940

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