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"Photographs from the collection of Eric Young". In the winter of 1939 / 1940 Chapel-en-le-Frith lay under deep drifts of snow. This was one of the harshest winters on record and the photographer went around the town recording the scenes. During the following summer, groups of wartime volunteers assembled on the cricket ground for a review and parade. Different nursing orders, air raid wardens and the WRVS were all photographed. In the background of some pictures can be seen the target wall. An eBook edition is available from Amazon Kindle price £2.00. Print version from the shop at Furness Vale Community Centre or at History Society meetings price £2.00

"A Tin Bath in the Kitchen" This eBook brings together the stories from a number of villagers, most of whom grew up in Furness Vale, of life here in the past. Contributions from Dolly Ford, Mabel Townend, Willis Ford, Edwin Bold and several other people. The combined volume is available from Amazon Kindle Priced £3.42. Four of the constituent booklets are sold in print version from the History Society or Community Shop £1.50 each

"What The Papers Said" News from our local villages as reported in Victorian and Edwardian newspapers. Sometimes quirky, sometimes amusing, these stories bring the past to life. Available as an Ebook from Amazon Kindle or in print from the History Society and Community Shop.

"The Life and Times of Furness Vale Printworks" by Chris Bond An account of events in Furness Vale and at the village's calico printworks during the period 1994 to 1925. Much of this history was recorded by Mr W. A. Bradbury who not only worked at the printworks but was also a notable citizen. The print version of this book is not currently available. A Kindle edition is available from Amazon, price £2.28

"I Vow To Thee My Country" by Rowena Clarke. 21 Young men from Furness Vale gave their lives in World War One and their names are commemorated on the village War Memorial. The author has researched the early lives of these men and tells how they were lost to us. Available as a Kindle eBook form Amazon, price £3.00 or in print £5.00

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