Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Furness Vale Co-op

The Furness Vale Co-operative Society was registered as an independent society in 1876.  The store closed briefly in 1890 and re-opened on April as a branch of Whaley Bridge Industrial and Working Man's Co-operative Society following a merger.  A public tea was held at the Board School to celebrate the event.  In 1913 the name was changed to Whaley Bridge and Buxton Co-operative Society to reflect expansion into that Town.  Pre war photographs show that the store only occupied part of the building, the other half appearing to be a private residence.
The Society had it's own education committee and it's members included President Mr.W.A.Bradbury of Yeardsley Lane, Mr Mark Kenyon of Shady Grove and Mr Joseph Carter sen. of Clough Lea.

The Society had in fact opened its first store in 1861 as an unregistered Co-op, seemingly at 47 Buxton Road before moving to the purpose built store opposite.