Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Yeardsley Players

Do you remember The Yeardsley Players ?  Dudley Garratt has found a programme from the 1981/2 season.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Furness Vale Bank

The Furness Vale Bank

The Manchester and County Bank first opened a branch at 47 Buxton Road, at  the corner of  Station Road in 1908.  This was open daily during full banking hours.  On the 28th April 1930 the branch moved to new premises at 99 Buxton Road but opening times were now limited. 
The bank shortened it's name in 1934 to County Bank and in the following year was taken over by another Manchester company, the District Bank.
The Furness Vale branch closed on 2nd October 1939 for the duration of the War in common with many banks because of staff shortages.  On 22nd October 1946 it re-opened as a sub-branch of Whaley Bridge.
In 1962 District Bank was taken over by National Provincial but retained it's identity. National Provinical and Westminster agreed to merge in 1968 and over the following 18 monthe the operations of the three banks were combined. From 1st January 1970 the Furness Vale branch traded as National Westminster.
The Furness Vale branch closed on 9th August 1974, for many years this branch had been open just three days a week between 10am and 2pm.
47 Buxton Road became a butcher's shop, originally owned by Johnny Jackson, later by Harry Moorcroft.and finally by James Lavin.  This building is now a private residence.   99 Buxton Road which is two doors past the Antique shop going towards Newtown is also now a private residence. The Antique Shop is still of course, in business.    Here is a re-creation using 3D computer modelling software.

With thanks to the Royal Bank of Scotland archives and Willis Ford for much of this information

note: The first bank premises appear to have been in one of the shops opposite the school, perhaps 116 Buxton Road, moving two or three years later to 47 Buxton Road.