Friday, 30 April 2010

The Fox At The Paragon Garage


Not sure about the spelling but the owner was Joel Bold followed later by his son Edwin, the fox was his pet and I saw it often. In fairly recent years Edwin still lived in one of those quite nice houses on the right heading toward Furness just after Bank End.  He had a couple of dogs with him last time I saw him out walking.  Used to be very much an outdoor type ,shooting etc. seriously dressed for it.  Probably shot the fox cub's mother.

Joel had a plaque on the garage, which read something like –

You are now in Derbyshire;  Strong in the Arm Weak in The Head

 For a short time the Paragon was owned by Jim Riddick Senior's brother, I think his name was Jack. 

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Errwood Hall Web Site

Whaley Bridge Local History Forum has embarked upon a new project.  A Posting on the Forum concerning Errwood Hall located in the Goyt Valley in it’s heyday the home of a wealthy local family the Grimshaw’s now just a few ruins has accumulated a great deal of interesting information and pictures.
The members felt that the information should be kept in an orderly fashion for the interest of future researchers it was proposed that a website be set up to attain this aim.  Members are now collectively building the site;

Now in early stages but you might find their work to date interesting, address below.

Peter Thompson

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Furness Vale Brickyard

A 3D digital model of the brickyard under development.  The main buildings are yet to be added.