Some Village Photographs

The Village Seat 1945

Thanks to Barry Thomasson for the loan of this photograph.  Barry sits with his grandad Bill Robinson and on the left Mr Healey


 Jack Hardman has kindly sent a photograph of a steam special headed by locomotive 5690 Leander.  The train was approaching Furness Vale on 29th April 2006


Barry Thomasson has loaned a picture from Furness Vale School from 1949 or 1950.  Few of the pupils still live in the Village but no doubt many will be remembered.

TOP ROW:  Norman Frogget? , Tony Butler, Geoff Littlewood, John Barnes, David Critchlow, Neville Stafford, Harry King,
2nd ROW :   Robert Walker, Jean Moorcroft, Hilary Ratcliffe, Margaret Lomas, Stephanie Lomas, Richard Galton
3rd ROW:     Marie Beard, Arlene Ford, Jean Ford, Jennifer Bradley, Doreen Redfern.
FRONT ROW: Peter Bradley,  Barry Thomasson
TEACHERS: Left- Miss Jeffreys; Right - Miss Turner

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Methodist Congregation

Furness Vale Methodist Church


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A view of Furness Vale

We are grateful to Barbara Beech for allowing us to use these photographs taken from the Dolly Lane side of the valley.  The tracks at Gowhole are empty of trains so these photos are perhaps from the time of closure of the sidings in the 1970's

Friday, 22 June 2012

Jackson's Butchers

The shop at 47 Buxton Road was a bank until 1930. The branch was located to 99 Buxton Road and John Jackson  converted the building to a butchers shop.

He remained in this business until his retirement in 1968 when the shop was sold to Harry Moorcroft. Later owners were John Lavin and Tony Arrowsmith. This remained a butchers shop until closure in 1990.

In this photograph, courtesy of Bill Jackson, the shop is decorated for the 1953 Coronation.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Post Office

At 75 Buxton Road is the Post Office, now a double fronted shop. Pictured in 1947 are postmaster Mr Dean with his wife and daughter Margaret. The baby is their 2 week old son Kenneth. Two doors away is Hills confectioners and tobacconists.  Photo courtesy of Margaret Bold (nee Dean).

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Co-op

Many thanks to Chris Simpson for allowing us to use this photograph of the Co-op in Furness Vale. This was of course at the corner of Yeardsley Lane and Buxton Road. At the time of this photograph the right hand side of the building served as a separate house. The shop was altered at a later date and the entrance door located centrally where it now is.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Furness Vale School

This photgraph was probably taken just before the Second World War. The boy in the third row who is looking directly at the camera is Colin Mycock who was born in 1929. Can anybody identify any of the other children ?  The picture is courtesy of Joanna Carr, granddaughter of Colin Mycock.

Dolly Ford has subsequently found a similar photograph featurning the same group of children who are all named on the reverse. In the background can be seen three shopfronts. That on the left 114 Buxton Road was then a greengrocers and later became Mrs Nash's shop, 116 in the middle was a doctors surgery and that on the right, a confectioner and baker.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

School Group

This school photograph has been loaned by Francis Footitt.  This may be Furness Vale School but we are unsure. Can anybody help with identifying any of these people or in dating the photograph 

The following response was posted  to the Whaley Bridge Forum by "Hauxton"
 Thanks to the wonders of Google I recently became aware of this wonderful forum and was astonished to see the picture in the first post on this thread. I have exactly the same picture in the same sort of frame, handed down from my grandfather Thomas Wilson. He’s the boy second to the left on the front row, born in 1881 at the Lodge, Fernilee and in the 1891 census living at 156 Horwich End. So I think this is Taxal & Fernilee C of E School in the early 1890s. The school leaving age then was around 11-12 so I’ve assumed this was the leaving photo of the Sixth Grade pupils. My photo has been cut slightly differently to fit the frame so I have one or two more broken panes of glass at the top and don’t get the legs of the front row. I can just make out a bit of the large type at the top of the poster to the right of the shot: HIGH PEAK COUNTY OF D ... My grandfather’s older brother Albert figures in the 1891 census as a ‘Pupil Teacher’ aged 15, I presume at this school, but not I think in this picture. My grandfather was the youngest of 8 siblings who all went to this school as far as I know.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Methodist Church Play 1927

The cast of the Furness Vale Methodist Church Play of 1927 pose for the photographer in the garden of "Garswood", Diglee Road, one of the Australian bungalows.  Can anybody fill in the missing names or identify the play?  Thanks to Joan Wild for the loan of this photo.

Friday, 1 July 2011

An Early Bus

A bus waits at the corner of Station Road.  One of the boys by the front wheel is Norman Bennett, Mabel Townend's father and later owner of the ironmongers shop. The date is c1912. The bus is perhaps on an excursion.
Photo courtesy Mabel Townend.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Furness Vale Station

A view of Furness Vale Station. Zoom in to the picture for some interesting detail. Furness Row in the background. Note the advertisements for Hudson's Soap and Sutton's Seeds. Photo courtesy of Mabel Townend.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Bennett's Ironmongers

The ironmongers shop at 57 Buxton Road was sold to Norman Bennett in 1934.  The shop had previously been owned by T.Cook whose name can still be seen in the light above the door. This photograph, taken in 1936 shows Mrs Bennett in the doorway.  The enlargement below shows some of the products displayed in the window.
Photograph courtesy of Mabel Townend, daughter of Mr and Mrs Bennett

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Some Early Photographs

These pictures came from the collection of Mr William Alfred Bradbury who lived on Yeardsley Lane and are now owned by Kathleen Marshall. He worked at the Printworks (according to the census) and died in 1929. If anybody can give any further information it would be much appreciated and will be posted on this blog.
Please e.mail to

Mr Bradbury pictured with a visiting African bishop

A 1920 charabanc trip to Llanberis Pass.  Perhaps an outing from Furness Vale.

The bungalows on Diglee Road were known as Tarramia, Boomancomana and Yarrawonga. Only the latter retains it's original name

Peter Thompson suggests that this is probably a First World War tableau.  As the U.S.A. is not included it is probably before 1917

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Body Language 1901

 From Peter Thomspon

Furness Vale Board School 
A few years later in New Mills



  1. Hello
    I will be visiting Furness Vale next week. I grew up six miles north of Southampton but my Mum, who moved down here in the 1950s comes from and lived in Furness Vale and Whaley Bridge, so I have relatives all around the area. Memories of visits included the canal and walking to the Iron Bridge. My Mum would have been in her teens and early twenties during WW2. Her name was Joyce Harrop. She was active in her local methodist Church, where her Spitfire pilot brother Frank Harrop is named on the War memorial. She married an man from Dublin called William Mullen, often referred to as 'Paddy'. I was wondering if there is anyone who remembers them. She had a brother named Alf Harrop and the reason I am coming to Furness Vale next week is because is is his surviving wife May's 100th birthday.

  2. Hi . My name is Jonathan Greenwood, I spent my first 6 years in Bridgemont, I was born at the Dog & Partridge (Now closed). My mum and Dad (Sylvia & John Greenwood, who were Landlord and Landlady) are still around, the live in Abergele, North Wales. Next time I see them I will ask the for some photos of the pub and of Bridgemeont. I went to school at Furness (1974 -1976). I remember a couple of names, Mark Sidebottom, Matthew Pendlebury, Jennifer Wakelem (moved to France I think), Lisa Turnock, Aidan Townsend. I will have a look for some photos. Also I still live in the area and have just bought a property 251 Buxton Road, Furness, SK237PZ, a small 2 bed semi stone cottage, which we are in the process of doing up, to sell or rent...does anyone know anything about the history of this cottage, get in touch if you do, or if you remeber me from school, or from the pub, or if you remember my mum and dad from the D&P...Cheers

    1. Thanks for your comments Jonathan. We will look forward to seeing the Bridgemont and D & P photos. I'm sure that many people locally will remember you and your parents. I don't think we have any information about 251 Buxton Road in the History Society archives but we will certainly check for you. I will add your message to our next quarterly newsletter (distributed by email) I know it will be of interest. If you would like to send your email address to I will add you to our mailing list. This is also the best way to send any photographs as I can then present them as a feature on this blog.
      David Easton archivist and editor

    2. We don't appear to have any archive information about 251 Buxton Road although we are still in the process of cataloguing and digitizing our records. The Cheshire Tithe maps from the mid 19th century, show that your property was built on a 3acre plot of land known as "part of Marled Field". The land was owned at the time by John William Jodrell and leased to Ellen Mellor.

  3. Amelia Chadwick31 May 2018 at 05:26

    Hi there,
    I had found a lovely picture of my great-great-grandfather Herbert Chadwick at the following web address: ...However it now appears the link is inactive and I have lost access to the copy I had saved. I was hoping someone may be able to inform me of an email for the blog creator (presumably 'Peter Thompson') as it was a lovely picture of him in uniform grooming a horse, if I recall correctly...and I think perhaps some other photos of my family. I'd really love to show my Dad and would be very grateful if anyone could help!

    1. Amelia Chadwick31 May 2018 at 05:28

      my email is if anyone has information! :)

    2. Sorry for the late response Amelia. I have only just seen your comment. I have a copy of Peter Thompson's genealogical records and may well be able to find the picture of Herbert Chadwick. Failing that, I will send you his email address so that you may contact him directly. If you haven't heard from me in the next couple of days, do remind me on