The Bridges of Furness Vale and Whaley

A recent talk by David Frith posed the question "How Many Bridges in Furness Vale and Whaley Bridge".  It is a difficult task to think of them all but David has identified 74 locations,  Here is the full list:

The Bridges of Whaley Bridge

Randal Carr Brook

1     Cadster farms access bridge
2     Railway culvert opposite Ivy Bank
3     Elnor Lane Bridge
4    Vista Wireworks Bailey Bridge and Container Bridge
5     Cromford and High Peak Tramway and Shallcross Sidings Bridge
6    Chapel Road Bridge
7    Buxton Road Bridge

River Goyt

8     Hill Bridge footbridge
9     Taxal ford footbridge
10    Access bridge in Botany Industrial Estate yard
11    Industrial structure built spanning river
12    Industrial structure built spanning river
13     Lower Macclesfield Road or Haybottom Bridge
14    Wheatsheaf Road Memorial Bridge
15     Wharf Court to Forge Road footbridge (no public access)
16    River Goyt railway embankment culvert
17    Market Street Bridge
18    Bridge Street road bridge

19    Bridge Street footbridge
20    George Street, Cromford & High Peak Railway Bridge
21    Bingswood Avenue, Bingswood access bridge
22    Coal Tub-way Bridge, rear of canal basin (no public access)
23    Goyt culvert under Peak Forest Canal, Bugsworth Arm
24    Goyt culvert under A6 By-pass
25    New Road, Bridgemont, Green Bottom Bridge
26    Waterside Cottages access footbridge
27    Joule Bridge, Marsh Lane/ Station Road Furness Vale.
    Often wondered if the name Joule gave rise to the Gowhole name used in this     vicinity.
                                                                     Joule Bridge

Todd Brook

28    Reservoir side path, bridge at 4 inch stop gap
29    Footbridge over by-wash at Hurst Clough
30    Footbridge over by-wash at Todd’s Brook Lodge
31    Footbridge in centre of Toddbrook embankment, over flow weir
32    Access bridge to Toddbrook Sailing Club

33    Vehicular access to Todd’s Brook Lodge
34    Footbridge in park upstream of Todd Brook – Goyt confluence


35    Bridge over access road to Cadster farms
36    Cattle accommodation bridge between Randal Carr Brook culvert and Cadster
37    Chapel Road railway bridge
38    Eccles Road railway bridge
39    Craig Drive railway bridge
40    Old Road railway bridge
41    Buxton Road railway bridge
42    Wharfe Road railway bridge
43    Reservoir Road railway bridge
44    Whaley Station foot bridge
45    Footpath underpass Buxton Road to Hockerley
46    Ringstone Industrial estate railway bridge
47    Bridgemont, Buxton Road, railway bridge
48    Road and railway underpass, quarry to canal side
49    Furness Station footbridge
50    Railway underpass Old Road Furness Vale to Marina gates
51    Carr Farm access road railway bridge
                                      Carr Farm Bridge 1960 from the Sutherland Collection


52    Canal basin weir apron footbridge
53    Tesco access over bridge
54    Bugsworth Arm footbridge
55    Bugsworth Arm horse tunnel
56    A6 by-pass over bridge south, Bridge 36
57    A6 by-pass over bridge north, Bridge 35
58    Botham’s Hall footbridge, Bridge 34
59    Greens Deep Bridge, Bridge 33, New Road.
60    Bongs Footbridge, Bridge 32
61    Station Road, Bridge 31, Furness Vale
62    Furness Aqueduct, Furness Brook cattle creep
63    Carr Farm Swivel Bridge, Bridge 30

Cromford and High Peak Railway

64    Chapel Road tunnel
65    Fernilee Bridge rear of Fernilee Hall on track from Long hill Road

Miscellaneous Bridges

66    Footbridge on footpath Shady Oak, Long Hill, Fernilee to Hill Bridge
67    Footbridge on footpath Fernilee Hall to Hill Bridge
68    Footbridge on riverside footpath downstream of hill Bridge
69    Footbridge on footpath crossing Mill Clough, Hill Bridge to Knipe
70    Footbridge on footpath Whaley Moor, Dipping Stone to Moorside route
71    Footbridge on concessionary path in woodland off Meadowfield
72    Footbridge over canal feeder access path to greenway south of Cock
73    Cattle creep under Elnor Lane, north of mast access road and P & N signpost
74    Footbridge on footpath New Road Scout Hut to Mano Road
Take a walk down Station Road in Furness Vale. Just after passing Calico Lane look over the wall on the left and amongst the trees is a tiny bridge crossing a brook. It is quite narrow, probably only wide enough  for a person on foot or a horse to cross.

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