Saturday, 1 September 2018

The Buxton Train

This digitally coloured photograph shows a Buxton train arriving at Furness Vale in 1959. At this time, diesels had taken over most services although a few steam trains survived.  The locomotive is No 42365
Despite the nostalgia for "better times" we have to remember that until the coming of the diesel railcars, services were much poorer than today.  The 1947 timetable below shows a 4 hour period between afternoon trains to Buxton and only a two hourly service to London Road.

The Lightning Tree

Diglee Farm stands on the hillside, high above Furness Vale. It's the oldest farm in the village and the original farmhouse, which had accommodation for animals on the lower floor, still stands. The building is no longer occupied however, having been superseded by a more modern house opposite.

This early photograph shows the Trueman Family outside the farmhouse.

In the field below the farmhouse,  a dead tree appears to have been hit by lightning.  The cart too, has seen better days.
A watercolour painting.


Just below Ringstones Farm in Furness Vale and close to the caravan park, is this dilapidated farm hut.  Despite having lost most of its roof, it still manages to survive in an exposed location.
This is a watercolour painting.

Marple Locks

The flight of 16 locks at Marple raise the level of the Peak Forest Canal by 64 metres. The canal was opened in 1796 but the locks were not completed until several years later due to lack of funds. A temporary tramway connected the two sections of canal.

This watercolour painting depicts a lock on the lower part of the flight.