Monday, 30 August 2010

Murder January 1868

Joseph Dixon and another man had been drinking in the Soldier Dick on Saturday night. At closing time they started fighting outside the pub and Thomas Ainsworth intervened. Dixon hit Ainsworth who then took out a knife and stabbed Dixon twice in the abdomen. Dixon died from his wounds and Ainsworth, a 23 year old miner was charged with wilful murder.
Ralph Horsefield a fellow miner, gave evidence at the inquest. He stated that about a fortnight earlier he had said to the accused "Joe Dixon and you have a sore time of it." Ainsworth replied "Aye, but I'll do him his job the first time he says anything to me again." Horsefield then said, "Nay Tommy, don't do him no harm" the answer was "Well, but thou'll see."
The verdict of "wilful murder" was given and the prisoner committed for trial. Ainsworth was jailed for 14 years.