Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Whaley Bridge Village Reunion

 Whaley Bridge Village Reunion - All Day 18th July from 2pm
Whaley Bridge Bowling Club

Dear Friends and fellow villagers. You are cordially invited to a unique event, which has only been made possible through the power of the internet, Facebook and Keith Hadfield who created the group Growing Up in Whaley Bridge.

My fellow host, John Hallows, and I, have secured an all day and evening reservation at the Bowling Club, which is managed by Whaleyites too.... John & Tracey Golpin.

We planned on making a small door charge to cover any small expenditures, and every penny over that, will be divided 50/50 between the 2 village schools. We can't charge though, so it was suggested we have a donations bucket when you arrive, & the same applies: all donations will be given to the 2 schools which is where most of us spent some time over the decades. :)

We are not putting on any food - you are at liberty to pop back home, or bring a picnic ( eat in the park or outside the club on the verandha) go to the chippy, the pubs that do food, or one of the local restaurants. Support our local businesses!

Please feel free to invite family members, or locals who don't have a computer, or Facebook, and come along for an hour or 2 or stay all day long.

I shall be making some posters to put up round the village too. We will have some stick on tags ( from Stampiton, of course) so you can have your name proudly on display. for those of us who may have changed since we were 11 years old, it might be a good idea! :)

Lou, the ex-landlady of the Cock, has very kindly offered to be our photographer for the day. she will be taking as many group, family, school type photos as we wish. Afterwards, she will create a photo album which will be shared on the Group page for everyone to see.. She will be happy to give you her email address so you can send any of your own photos too.

Let's make this event a first.... but hopefully, not the last!

Chris Wilman and John Hallows.

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