Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sam Plant's Scrapbooks.

These notebooks have been donated to Furness Vale History Society by James Plant, grandson of the compiler. Some of the entries are in the form of a diary and a few are reproduced below. I shall post more snippets as more of the books are transcribed.

On the 15th January 1891 Albert Swares got his leg broken in Whaley Wood by Shirt of Newtown.
He was locked up at Disley by Whaley police. They fought together at Furness.

May 13th 1891 Wednesday. Joseph Carter of Furness Vale was put on as treasurer for the Co-operative store Whaley Bridge.

May 10th 1891 Sunday. Richard Fox boatbuilder Bridgemont died age 76 years. Buried at Mount Pleasant New Mills May 14th 1891.

May 16th 1891 Saturday. Whaley Bridge Print Works stopped. Cloth came to Furness Vale to be finished by Saxby.

May 17th 1891 Sunday. Snowed very heavy all day.

June 15th 1857. Monday. The railway was opened from Stockport to Whaley Bridge

August 13th 1876. Mechanics Institute Whaley Bridge opened.

October 1st 1866. First goods train from Millers Dale to New Mills.

October 31st 1863. First meeting of Whaley Bridge Local Board.

November 21st 1873. Band of Hope, Whaley Bridge opened.

December 28th 1876. Opening of Library Hall, Kettleshulme.

Thursday May 28th 1891. Lighting and thunder and rain very heavy.
The lighting fell at Furness Vale Print Works and struck John Rowley while he was minding at his machine. Time 12.30am.

Saturday May 16th 1891. The Openshaw Lads came to Taxal Wood for a week on Sunday the 17th. It snow very heavy and they went and took shelter in the Band of Hope Hall because they could not stand the cold and frost. Three went home before time and died with influenza.

On Sunday June 28th Rev J S Rendell preached Mr Richard Fox memorial service in Furness Vale Chapel. Mr Fox was born at Willock in Cheshire (Wheelock ?). He came to Furness Vale at the age of 14 (1830). He began to work at Clough Colliery and then to boat building. He joined the church in March 1835. In the year 1838 he was converted. In 1874 a class leader and a trustee in 1852 (may) which he held until his death 1891 in the year.
(Richard Fox was instrumental in establishing the first mission at Bridgemont which met in the upper floor of his canalside workshop. The building was demolished when the by-pass was constructed. The photograph below shows Mr and Mrs Fox at the first floor entrance)

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