Monday, 1 April 2013


Some photographs have a wealth of detail.  This picture is undated and labelled on the reverse "Haymaking, Furness Vale". The location is not recorded although the buildings in the background look familiar.

George Tomlinson has made these observations:

On the ground is a stone jar and a decorated mug. Could this commemmorate Queen Victoria?
The man in the centre carries a large wooden handled rake. Behind him can be seen the ownership plate on the cart. The name is Charles Saxby of Disley.  Saxby was owner of Furness Vale Printworks.
 In his hand is a stone jar encased in a basket. It was a tradition at harvest that ale or cider be supplied to the workers and perhaps that is what it contains.

The man to his right has his trousers tied with rope !

The man to his left carries a metal dish perhaps for the horse.

Note that they all wear hats, even the smallest child.


  1. Excellent bit of detective work

  2. A nice picture and some good detective work, would like to post the picture with a link to the site on the blog,