Sunday, 28 April 2013


Narrowboat Hadar is visiting Furness Vale this weekend.

Built in 2007, Hadar is a replica of a "Star" class boat of the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company. This freight operator was in existence between 1934 and 1949 when their assets were nationalised. Theirs was one of the larger canal fleets which at it's peak consisted of 186 pairs of boats.  The original "Star" class was built at Yarwoods boat yard at Northwich in the mid 30's; all of those boats being named after stars although the name "Hadar" was not used at the time. This boat has an extended cabin to provide extra living space which reducing her cargo capacity to 8 tons.

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  1. Hello from Hadar. Thank you for your lovely post about our boat. We have been enjoying Furness Vale and the surrounding countryside. We are off into Bugsworth Basin on Monday, so if your in the area please do come and say "Hello". You should have knocked on the boat and had a cuppa with us, you would have been most welcome. Jo