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Re - The Bungalow, Bridgemont

Used for some time as Bridgemont Mission before the church was built. Once upon a time used for boat building and painting. A good landing stage existed along the canal side. There was also a smithy.  This could have been below the land opposite the Dog and Partridge. The building became unsafe and was demolished).

We think my great grandfather, John Johnson of Carr View, Buxton Road, Whaley Bridge bought this in an auction along with other houses nos 27, 25, 19, 17, 15 and the vacant plot opposite the Dog and Partridge.

In the early 1950's, two sisters lived in the Bungalow. Ms Billy Brotherton cared for her sister who was an invalid and she could be wheeled out of the double doors to enjoy the fresh air. After her sister died, Billy (who had been a music hall artiste) married Mr Grosvenor and they lived there for several years.

Later tenants were Daisy and Bill Fidler and Mr and Mrs Woodward.

A compulsory purchase order was put on the building when the by-pass was built.

Nos 27 and 25
These houses had iron grates with hobs in some of the bedrooms so that people could cook there. No 25 also had a pot sink on the landing. The front room windows were fitted inside with folding wooden shutters which could be closed for warmth. These two houses could have had rooms to let to bargees or workers from the canal.

Frances Footitt.


The photographs below are of the building to which Frances refers. The people are said to be the founders of the mission. The boatbuilder was Mr Fox who later moved to Furness Vale

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