Monday, 10 August 2015

Lady Amelia-Caroline Jodrell

Edmund Jodrell succeeded to the Yeardsley estates in 1547 when aged 6 years.  His younger brother was Roger Jodrell from whom the following line of descent is traced: Thomas Jodrell, Paul Jodrell of Sion Hill,Middlesex (died 1728), Paul Jodrell of Duffield, Derbys (died 1744),Paul Jodrell of Duffield (died 1751), Richard-Paul Jodrell died 1831, Sir Richard-Paul Jodrell. These were distant cousins of the Jodrells of Yeardsley and Taxal.
Sir Richard-Paul Jodrell was married in 1816 to Amelia-Caroline, the daughter of the Earl of Kingston.
This picture of Lady Jodrell appeared in "The Court Magazine and Monthly Critic" of 1837

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