Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ollerenshaw Farm

Jane Butler is researching her home, Ollerenshaw Farm on Eccles Road.  She would appreciate any help that might be available in aiding her quest for more information. Please contact her through the History Society email address

Jane writes:

We were fortunate enough to meet with Jimmy Hodgson, in the early 90’s,  whose family farmed here for generations, he was a ‘shooting pal’ of my fathers (we’ve been here nearly 24 years) he told us  anecdotal family stories and let us copy some of his photos. His ancestor was Hodgson Hodgson, a sheep drover from Halifax, who met a maid from the Hall and settled here, their child, conceived out of wedlock  ( so Jimmy said!) was born blind and this was born out in the census records showing him as blind from birth. (Peter Hodgson, Jimmy’s nephew  lives at Cadster).

Ollerenshaw Farm in 1910.

Maps dated 1606 showing the location of Ollerenshaw Farm. The lands shown in yellow were subject of a dispute between the Attorney General and the Jodrell family.

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